8-Bit Hordes – SOEDESCO

8-Bit Hordes

Dominate the battlefield in 8-Bit Hordes, a colorful, fantasy themed RTS in which players of all skill levels can storm castles, slay dragons and raid haunted cemeteries. Command one of two factions: The daunting Orcs and their undead allies of the DeathSworn, or the brave elves, humans and dwarves of the Lightbringers. Collect resources, build up and defend your base, amass your army and ultimately crush your opponents!

  • Conquer Singleplayer campaign, Online Multiplayer, Co-op & AI Skirmish modes
  • Mix up 8-Bit Hordes, 8-Bit Invaders! & 8-Bit Armies in cross-title multiplayer
  • Battle in destructible environments, ranging from the underworld to haunted forests
  • Feel the energy from the powerful soundtrack by Frank Klepacki