Rotterdam, The Netherlands – June 20, 2018 – Sci-Fi adventure Elea has received its sixth major update last Friday. The game has been in Early Access since end of April, which has already resulted in an abundance of useful feedback from the community and previewers. The developers have taken this feedback very seriously and have implemented several significant improvements, as well as hundreds of bug fixes. The final version of Elea – Episode 1 is releasing this summer for Xbox One and Steam®.

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Marten Buijsse, Community Manager at SOEDESCO is pleased with the progress, stating: “Since the Early Access launch we have received a lot of community feedback and we’re very happy that so many people wanted to pitch in and help. The game has made great progress in these few months, but we’re not done yet! For the remainder of the Early Access period we will continue to update the game in accordance with player feedback, all the way until we have a perfect version 1.0.”

Fixing the flow
An important point of feedback from the community, that inspired one of the first updates, was to create better flow by increasing the movement speed. Also, to improve the clarity of the game and to make it feel more intuitive, numerous hints and objectives have been added. Additionally, a brand new hint system was introduced, giving the player more detailed objective information.  A “how to play” help screen has been added to guide players as well, accessible from the settings menu and at the start of the game.

Graphical improvements
Another major improvement is that the FPS limit has been improved, now enabling up to 120 FPS, making the game run even more smoothly. Also, better screen space reflections have been added, in order to improve the graphical performances and make the surreal world of Elea look even more gorgeous.