Hello everyone!

Marten here, Community Manager at SOEDESCO. Today I’d like to talk with you about Real Farm’s status and some of the plans we have for the future. On 20 October 2017, the game launched for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After that, we’ve received a lot of feedback and we’ve started working on the game even further right away.

Let’s start off with the state of the game on the different platforms, as of 14 December 2017.

The Steam version is now at version 1.0.8. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are a little bit behind on the Steam version. Please know, that all updates done to the Steam version will make it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, just a little later.

Version differences PC vs. Consoles
Now, I hear you thinking, “why is there such a difference in versions between PC and Consoles?”. For the answer to that, allow me to explain how we’ve been issuing updates from launch. On Steam, we’ve been updating the game every week on Mondays. For consoles, we’ve been bundling up three versions into one, which is the reason the console versions are a little bit behind. We’ve chosen this course, because console updates, by default, take longer to drop than updates on Steam. This is because Sony’s and Microsoft’s approval process for updates are more extensive, which results in a longer submission period for updates. Rest assured that all updates in the Steam version will also make it to consoles.

Xbox One state
The Xbox One version should’ve already been on par with the other versions, but to be honest we’ve hit some bumps with the Xbox One version. This doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working on Real Farm for Xbox One. We’ve been very busy getting the updates out there and fear not, it’s definitely still coming and it’s going to be on par with the rest soon.

So, let’s talk updates! Here’s a very brief overview of the most notable fixes and patches we’ve done since launch

  • The entire map got revamped. Textures got improved, hills got added and amount of foliage got increased which makes the game even more pleasing to the eye and improves the performance of the game as well
  • All vehicle’s physics got drastically improved. For instance, the turning radius and braking distance of all vehicles got reduced, which results in an even more realistic experience
  • Added a variety of particle effects to the game, including exhaust smoke, plowing particles and wheel particles
  • Added many control options to the menu on PC, including the option to set primary and secondary hotkeys
  • Loads of bugfixes, most of which have been reported by the community (Thanks all :D)

You can find all the patch notes we’ve done on our Steam announcements page, right here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/573680/announcements?p=1

In the future, we’re planning to add many different kinds of content to the game, including new crops, new vehicles, new features and also whole new maps. Expect an announcement early next year 😉

Here’s a little sneak peak:

If you have suggestions, comments or questions, feel free to reach out to us via info@soedesco.com or by going to our Facebook or Twitter page!

I’d like to sincerely thank you all for reading and for the feedback you’ve given us over the past months!