Rotterdam, The Netherlands – July 29, 2019 – Players can now watch the second episode of SOEDESCO’s Truck Driver Mini Series. This video provides a closer look at the different Jobs and Missions that players can do to build their truck driving careers. In the first episode, players got to meet the different characters in Truck Driver. The third and final episode, focusing on Customization, will release next week.

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Work with Lumberjack Sven
The video explains what doing a mission in Truck Driver entails by showing the first job that players needs to complete for Lumberjack Sven. To start off, players need to hook a trailer loaded with wood chips to their truck. Sven then gives the GPS details. The wood chips need to be delivered to the power plant. Along the way, there are several details to pay attention to. To avoid trouble, it’s important to stay fueled up, get enough rest and comply with the traffic rules. Once players arrive at the right destination, they can park the truck and drop off the cargo. The mission is now complete. This earns players money, experience and trust from Sven.