Rotterdam, the Netherlands – March 28, 2018 – Publisher SOEDESCO reveals that from tomorrow onwards, players can brighten their PlayStation®4 account with themes and avatars of family friendly platformer Shiny. The themes and avatars are available in two different bundles, one of which also includes the base game.

Watch the Shiny trailer here:
Download the Shiny press assets here:$/

Five gleaming avatars
The five avatars each show a different robot character from the game Shiny. These lovable robots, called Douglas, Lucy, Kramer, Giorgio and Norelius, all represent different members of the development team from Garage 227 that created Shiny.

Two luminous themes
In addition to the avatars, there are also two glossy new themes. One is a dynamic theme called ‘hold on’. It shows how the main character Kramer transmits his power to revive another robot. Sharing life energy to save others is an important topic in Shiny. The second theme, called ‘working class heroes’, shows the colorful cast of robots that feature in Shiny.

Shiny’s Features

  • Enjoy a family friendly platformer with an old school appearance
  • Help other robots on your journey to escape the dying planet Aurora
  • Move around purposefully to save energy for fellow robots
  • Use various power-ups such as jetpacks and energy spheres
  • Discover 20 huge 2.5D levels with detailed living backgrounds