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November 22nd 2016 – Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Tower of Guns Special Edition releases in the USA November 22nd on PlayStation 4!

Tower of Guns, the crazy action-filled randomly generated FPS, is coming to the USA as a retail product very soon! November 22nd all US gamers will be able to pick up the Tower of Guns Special Edition for PS4.

3d-ps4-esrb-togAscend the Tower of Guns and return to the days of circle-strafing, rocket-jumping, and twitch-based action. Tower of Guns is a throwback first-person shooter with a healthy sprinkling of roguelike-ish elements. Every turn brings a surprise and around every corner lies certain death! Or a new weird item! Or a …Hugbot?

Filled with random levels, crazy bosses, bizzare powerups, and tons of unlockable weapons and items, each time you step into the Tower of Guns you’ll have a fresh gaming experience.

The Special Edition contains guns and gamemodes exclusive to the retail version of the game! All exclusives are listed below.

New Guns:

  • Brick Layer: Can’t reach a certain elusive power up? The Brick Layer will solve that problem by deploying new platforms with every shot. It’s also useful for hitting enemies in the face with platforms.
  • Rubber Band Gun: Strap this on and hold on tight. The Rubber Band Gun’s bullets create a magnetic wake that slingshots you right into the action. Clever minds can put this gun to good non-combat use as well.
  • Stavinator: The prettiest new bullet in Tower of Guns, the Stavinator’s “Staves” are high-damage, high-speed, lethal ribbons of destruction that bounce around like crazy.
  • Banker’s Delight: The Banker’s Delight is a no-nonsense, carnage-delivering, mighty grenade launcher that makes short work of any foe. The catch? Those grenades aren’t free. Use with discretion.

New game modes:

  • High Roller: Are you feeling dangerous? High Roller Mode is a risky endeavor with a modern twist. Both you and your foes deal ten times the amount of damage, but you’ll regenerate if you can avoid taking hits. ToG’s already frantic gameplay reaches new levels of stress when every shot is potentially lethal. Fortunately, you’ll also have the new Stavinator Gun to help you survive.
  • Hotfoot: Hotfoot Mode’s free unlimited jumps might sound liberating…until you realize that landing hurts. Navigate ToG’s chaotic environments in a whole new way as you avoid bullets, enemies and now–the floor!
  • Mystery: Experiment with the new gun, The Banker’s Delight, in this strange twist of game play. You’re granted the Mystery Box Item and Random badges drop more often, making this mode a very dangerous gamble.
  • Rubber Band: Ever wondered what it feels like to be a tennis ball? Take a leap and let your bullets guide you on a tour of insanity as you swap between two special guns: Ol’ Painless and the new Rubber Band Gun. Try not to vault yourself directly into a nest of spinbots.