Rotterdam, The Netherlands – April 1, 2019 – Today, SOEDESCO has proudly announced that Truck Driver will be Free-to-Play on all its platforms. The new revenue model, dubbed Truck Driver – Pay per Gallon, is completely based on in-game microtransactions. In order to drive longer distances and complete jobs, players can purchase fictional fuel for their vehicles, with in-game credits called “Truck Dollars” (Trollars).

The road to success
Bas de Jonge, Marketing Manager at SOEDESCO, is excited: “We’re absolutely hyped to be heading in a new direction for Truck Driver. This monetization strategy offers tons of possibilities, such as localized fuel prices and special holiday discounts. As we move forward, adding microtransactions is the best option for Truck Driver, and today is the perfect day to announce this new road we’re taking.”


  • Download Truck Driver for absolutely free! Just for you.
  • Drive around a beautiful open world, but make sure you don’t run out of reserves!
  • Spend your real world money on completely fictional fuel
  • Rely on your wallet to take you where you need to go in Truck Driver